Welcome to Skin in the Game reports!   

Work in Progress, we are still trying to see how best we should show this information to you!

  1. In the meantime, Management Ownership is available in Proxy Reports for a company : Proxy Report for WMT
  2. Look for Beneficial ownership, it's the last table in the Proxy Report
  3. Please visit this page later, we are working on getting the data, we appreciate you showing interest in this report...

Things to look for in Proxy Reports!

We feel, it's the first report one should reach before buying a stock in a company

  1. Director's compensation wrt peer companies
  2. CEO pay and incentives
  3. How is company rewarding management and on what metrics
  4. What was the target metric growth rate and what was achieved
  5. the most important thing: Management Beneficial Ownership

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