Want to Sleep Well Invest in Stock Markets? πŸ’€

  • Are you NOT able to Sleep Well at night? especially after making a recent stock purchase OR due to an old investment...
  • Do you still wake up early in the morning and check your Stocks/Portfolio because of fear and markets...
  • Wish you had invested more in Tesla, Amazon, Google but could not pull the plug...
  • Invested but just bought <10 stocks instead of taking a larger position
  • Wish you had captured the rally of META from 90+ dollars from Nov, 2022 lows to 235$ in May 2023 $450+ nowupdated*
  • Lacked the confidence and nerves to invest due to lack of sound understanding of the underline business fundamentals
  • Have you experienced financial losses as a result of bad Investment, Mismanagement or Fraudulent actions by the company's CEO/CFO or other owners?
  • Want to understand which streams of underline business is moving the top-line and bottom-line for a Company
  • How can I find safe investments and still be able to manage my downside RISK
πŸ’šπŸ’š We want You to become Business Pickers vs Stock Pickers πŸ’šπŸ’š
We will help you evaluate long-term attractive investments and the fair price to Buy/Sell of your favorite Stocks by sharing data/tools used by Big Hedge Funds.

We are giving away data for 20 wonderful companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Adobe for free.

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We want to help you become a better Informed Investor!

SEC Diver was created to help you make Informed Investor by providing quality data and the investing tools that are only available to Big Guys.

We are confident you will be able to sleep well with your investments after using SecDiver for your fundamental research!

Tired of seeing Paywalls to see 10+ year of financial data for your favorite companies?

  • 1. SecDiver showcases 10+ Years of financial history along with Fair Value Estimates with no changes provided by Business/Companies
  • 2. Free, No Account Required!

SecDiver’s goal is to answer two most important questions in investing.

  • 1. What business(investments) to Buy/Sell
  • 2. When to Buy/Sell

We personally feel "When" is the most important question if you have to pick one and then it's a matter of being in the market to see the investment blossom/or let value be the catalyst. Our goal is to simplify the narrative behind numbers, making it easier for informed investing.

Checkout our Sleep Well Investing πŸ›Œ playlist course taken by 100s of my community friends in Snoqualmie!

SecDiver helps you understand the Business Puzzle of Your favorite Companies!

Business are big and diversified, we help you dive deeper into the Puzzle by showcasing each part of the puzzle and help you with sum of parts Valuation

Imagine a sum of parts valuation as a jigsaw puzzle. Each puzzle piece represents a specific business segment or asset of the company. By evaluating the value of each piece separately and then putting them together, you can get a comprehensive picture of the company's overall worth.

SecDiver showcases underline Business Segments, KPIs and Geographical data for a Business for the last 10+ years all directly sourced from SEC 10k filings.
The idea is that Segment numbers and Geographic split revenues are not fudged and can help us truly understand the true earning power of each segment and hence the overall business.
Apart from that we have lots of wonderful metrics pre calculated like owner earnings, return on net working capital, return on incremental capital, fair value estimates, reverseDCF. (100+ metrics)