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(last year value Or average of last 3 years)
(typically its the min return you expect, 10% is a good one)

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PE after Year Expected Growth Rate Market is Pricing in
Note: Feel free to choose either per share price or absolute values, both are fine, if you choose per share FCF than make sure to choose Stock price...

In this tool, we are doing Reverse DCF to understand what growth rate company should grow for next 10 years?
Each row can be thought as
1. After 10 years from today - if PE of the stock is X, what should be the growth rate from today to meet that PE in future
2. lower PE in future is a reasonable justification, higher PE in future is risky
3. Assumptions: We are using discount rate as 10%, Period as 10 years and Reinvestment Rate of 100% in the default report, overriding will change this values
4. You can override values by passing the input data as a query param to the URL
5. inf values means, fcf is negative or we do not have data for the stock/ticker

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