Our Story

Our Story is simple!!

We wanted a place to get free Business Segments, KPIs and Geographical data and could not find a reliable free service

We believe this data is valuable to understand business better instead of just looking at the topline/bottomline. Our hope is that our investor friends/community use this data to be more prudent and guage how business has transformed and understand how each Pie of the business is growing.

SecDiver Service is a small step to make financial information easily comparable across years

Why Segment/Geographic Split data is important
We firmly believe Business segments and geographic data is crucial for financial understanding because they provide a detailed breakdown of a company's revenue streams and operating locations. By analyzing business segments, investors can gain insight into which specific products or services are driving a company's growth or decline. This information can help investors evaluate a company's overall strategy and identify potential opportunities or risks.

Geographic data is also important because it enables investors to understand how a company is performing in different regions and markets. For multinational companies, understanding the contribution of each geographic region to overall revenue and earnings can provide important insights into a company's exposure to different economic conditions and geopolitical risks.

Ultimately, by analyzing business segments and geographic data, investors can gain a more complete picture of a company's financial performance and make more informed investment decisions.

Apple Example
Apple's business segment and geographical split analysis is a topic of great interest for investors and industry analysts. In terms of business segments, Apple primarily operates in two segments: products and services.

Products segment includes sales of iPhones, Macs, iPads, wearables, home, and accessories. On the other hand, the services segment includes sales of digital content and services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud, and Apple Pay.

In terms of geographical split, Apple's revenue is generated from five main regions: Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan, and the rest of the Asia Pacific.

checkout Apple's split report here: AAPL

SEC Diver

Source: SEC filings
We use SEC Edgar website to collect companies financial information.

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