Walmart Summary [ WMT ]

Walmart's business segments encompass a diverse range of operations, including Walmart U.S., Walmart International, Sam's Club, and its thriving eCommerce segment. While the United States remains its largest revenue generator, the company's global expansion efforts have yielded positive results, with international markets playing a significant role in Walmart's overall revenue. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, Walmart's business segments and geographical revenue distribution provide insights into the company's strategic initiatives and its ability to adapt to changing consumer demands in both domestic and international markets.


Walmart's Business Segments Summary

  • 1. Walmart U.S.
  • Walmart's largest segment, Walmart U.S., focuses on retail operations within the United States. It comprises various store formats, including Walmart Supercenters, Walmart Discount Stores, Neighborhood Markets, and eCommerce operations. This segment encompasses a wide range of product categories, such as groceries, apparel, electronics, home goods, and more.

  • 2. Walmart International
  • Walmart International covers the company's operations outside the United States, serving customers in over 25 countries. It includes diverse formats like supercenters, hypermarkets, and cash-and-carry stores. Walmart's international presence provides opportunities for growth and expansion in emerging markets.

  • 3. Sam's Club
  • Sam's Club is Walmart's membership-based warehouse club segment. It offers bulk products at discounted prices to both individual and business members. Sam's Club operates in the United States and several international locations, providing a wide selection of goods, including groceries, electronics, furniture, and more.

  • 4. eCommerce
  • Recognizing the importance of online shopping, Walmart has invested significantly in its eCommerce segment. Through its website and mobile applications, customers can purchase a vast array of products and enjoy various delivery options, including home delivery, pickup at stores, and even same-day delivery in some areas. Walmart's eCommerce business extends globally, allowing customers around the world to access its products and services.

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B means Billions, M means Millions, all values are in USD if not specified as percent/number in the Entry column
Ticker Entry 2023 2022 2021
WMT net sales 605.881B 567.762B 555.233B
WMT fuel, tobacco and other categories | sam'sclub::net sales 14.636B 10.751B 7.590B
WMT grocery and consumables | sam'sclub::net sales 53.027B 46.822B 42.148B
WMT health and wellness | sam'sclub::net sales 4.248B 3.956B 3.792B
WMT home and apparel | sam'sclub::net sales 9.579B 9.037B 7.340B
WMT sam'sclub | e commerce::net sales 8.400B 6.900B 5.300B
WMT sam'sclub::net sales 84.345B 73.556B 63.910B
WMT technology, office and entertainment | sam'sclub::net sales 2.855B 2.990B 3.040B

Walmart's Geographical Summary

Walmart's revenue distribution is closely tied to its extensive global presence. While the majority of its revenue is generated in the United States, the company has made significant strides in expanding its international operations. Here is a breakdown of Walmart's geographical revenue distribution: United States: The United States remains the primary market for Walmart, contributing the largest share of the company's revenue. The retail giant has an extensive store network across the country, serving millions of customers and offering a wide range of products and services. International Markets: Walmart's international operations have experienced substantial growth in recent years. The company has successfully established a presence in key markets such as Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and India, among others. These international markets contribute a significant portion of Walmart's total revenue, reflecting the company's global reach. Emerging Markets: Walmart has strategically focused on expanding into emerging markets to tap into their growing consumer bases. Countries like India, China, Brazil, and Mexico have presented immense opportunities for the company's growth. By adapting to local preferences and tailoring its offerings, Walmart has made progress in capturing market share in these dynamic economies.

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B means Billions, M means Millions, all values are in USD if not specified as percent/number in the Entry column
Ticker Entry 2023 2022 2021 2019 2018 2017
WMT net sales 605.881B 567.762B 555.233B 0 0 0
WMT revenue from contract with customer, excluding assessed tax 0 0 0 510.329B 495.761B 481.317B
WMT canada | walmart international::net sales 22.300B 21.773B 19.991B 18.613B 0 0
WMT china | walmart international::net sales 14.711B 13.852B 11.430B 10.702B 0 0
WMT mexico and central america | walmart international::net sales 40.496B 35.964B 32.642B 31.790B 0 0
WMT other | walmart international::net sales 23.476B 25.559B 28.063B 29.172B 0 0
WMT united kingdom | walmart international::net sales 0 3.811B 29.234B 30.547B 0 0
WMT walmart international | e commerce::net sales 20.300B 18.500B 16.600B 0 0 0
WMT walmart international::net sales 100.983B 100.959B 121.360B 120.824B 118.068B 116.119B
WMT general merchandise | walmartu.s.::net sales 118.597B 125.876B 119.406B 0 0 0
WMT grocery | walmartu.s.::net sales 247.299B 218.944B 208.413B 0 0 0
WMT health and wellness | walmartu.s.::net sales 46.591B 42.839B 38.522B 0 0 0
WMT other categories | walmartu.s.::net sales 8.066B 5.588B 3.622B 0 0 0
WMT walmartu.s. | e commerce::net sales 53.400B 47.800B 43.000B 0 0 0
WMT walmartu.s.::net sales 420.553B 393.247B 369.963B 0 0 0

3. Showing SEGMENT:REVENUE:GEOGRAPHY:ASSETS report for WMT [ permalink ]

B means Billions, M means Millions, all values are in USD if not specified as percent/number in the Entry column
Ticker Entry 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
WMT total revenues 611.289B 572.754B 559.151B 523.964B 514.405B 500.343B 485.873B 482.130B 485.651B 476.294B 468.651B 446.509B
WMT total long-lived assets 119.234B 112.624B 109.848B 127.049B 111.395B 114.818B 114.178B 116.516B 116.655B 117.907B 116.681B 112.324B
WMT u.s.::total long-lived assets 95.567B 89.795B 87.068B 86.944B 81.144B 81.478B 82.746B 82.475B 80.879B 79.644B 77.692B 75.881B
WMT u.s.::total revenues 508.685B 470.295B 436.649B 402.532B 392.265B 380.580B 367.784B 357.559B 348.227B 338.681B 332.788B 319.800B
WMT walmart international::total long-lived assets 23.667B 22.829B 22.780B 40.105B 30.251B 33.340B 31.432B 34.041B 35.776B 38.263B 38.989B 36.443B
WMT walmart international::total revenues 102.604B 102.459B 122.502B 121.432B 122.140B 119.763B 118.089B 124.571B 137.424B 137.613B 135.863B 126.709B


B means Billions, M means Millions, all values are in USD if not specified as percent/number in the Entry column
Ticker Entry 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
WMT net sales 605.881B 567.762B 555.233B 519.926B 510.329B 495.761B 481.317B 478.614B 482.229B 473.076B 465.604B 443.416B
WMT operating income 20.428B 25.942B 22.548B 20.568B 21.957B 20.437B 22.764B 24.105B 27.147B 26.872B 27.725B 26.491B
WMT total assets 243.197B 244.860B 252.496B 236.495B 219.295B 204.522B 198.825B 199.581B 203.706B 204.751B 203.105B 193.406B
WMT capital expenditures 16.857B 13.106B 10.264B 10.705B 10.344B 10.051B 10.619B 11.477B 12.174B 13.115B 12.898B 13.510B
WMT depreciation and amortization 10.945B 10.658B 11.152B 10.987B 10.678B 10.529B 10.080B 9.454B 9.173B 8.870B 8.478B 8.130B
WMT income before income taxes 17.016B 18.696B 20.564B 20.116B 11.460B 15.123B 20.497B 21.638B 24.799B 24.656B 25.662B 24.332B
WMT interest, net -1.874B -1.836B -2.194B -2.410B -2.129B -2.178B -2.267B -2.467B -2.348B -2.216B -2.063B -2.159B
WMT loss on extinguishment of debt 0 -2.410B 0 0 -8.368B -3.136B 0 0 0 0 0 0
WMT other gains and (losses) -1.538B -3.000B 0.210B 1.958B -8.368B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
WMT corporate and support::capital expenditures 2.080B 1.512B 1.209B 1.064B 1.199B 1.138B 1.193B 1.124B 1.199B 1.203B 1.396B 0
WMT corporate and support::depreciation and amortization 1.318B 1.321B 1.359B 1.292B 1.248B 3.807B 3.666B 3.633B 3.370B 3.135B 2.819B 0
WMT corporate and support::operating income -5.121B -1.662B -2.134B -1.824B -1.832B -2.702B -1.613B -2.148B -2.336B -1.911B -1.602B -1.847B
WMT corporate and support::total assets 10.282B 13.735B 16.146B 6.837B 4.222B 5.208B 5.930B 8.754B 7.825B 6.583B 7.697B 0
WMT sam'sclub::capital expenditures 0.727B 0.622B 0.488B 0.525B 0.450B 0.626B 0.639B 0.695B 0.753B 1.071B 0.868B 0
WMT sam'sclub::depreciation and amortization 0.609B 0.601B 0.599B 0.605B 0.639B 0.698B 0.712B 0.472B 0.473B 0.437B 0.410B 0
WMT sam'sclub::net sales 84.345B 73.556B 63.910B 58.792B 57.839B 59.216B 57.365B 56.828B 58.020B 57.157B 56.423B 53.795B
WMT sam'sclub::operating income 1.964B 2.259B 1.906B 1.642B 1.520B 0.982B 1.671B 1.820B 1.976B 1.975B 1.960B 1.844B
WMT sam'sclub::total assets 15.490B 14.678B 13.415B 13.494B 12.893B 13.418B 14.125B 13.998B 13.995B 14.053B 13.479B 0
WMT walmart international::capital expenditures 2.625B 2.497B 2.436B 2.801B 2.661B 2.607B 2.697B 2.930B 3.936B 4.463B 4.640B 0
WMT walmart international::depreciation and amortization 1.964B 1.963B 2.633B 2.682B 2.590B 2.601B 2.629B 2.549B 2.665B 2.658B 2.605B 0
WMT walmart international::net sales 100.983B 100.959B 121.360B 120.130B 120.824B 118.068B 116.119B 123.408B 136.160B 136.513B 134.748B 125.435B
WMT walmart international::operating income 2.965B 3.758B 3.660B 3.370B 4.883B 5.352B 5.758B 5.346B 6.171B 5.454B 6.617B 6.113B
WMT walmart international::total assets 86.766B 91.403B 109.445B 105.811B 97.066B 81.549B 74.508B 73.720B 80.505B 85.370B 85.695B 0
WMT walmartu.s.::capital expenditures 11.425B 8.475B 6.131B 6.315B 6.034B 5.680B 6.090B 6.728B 6.286B 6.378B 5.994B 0
WMT walmartu.s.::depreciation and amortization 7.054B 6.773B 6.561B 6.408B 6.201B 6.005B 5.598B 2.800B 2.665B 2.640B 2.644B 0
WMT walmartu.s.::net sales 420.553B 393.247B 369.963B 341.004B 331.666B 318.477B 307.833B 298.378B 288.049B 279.406B 274.433B 264.186B
WMT walmartu.s.::operating income 20.620B 21.587B 19.116B 17.380B 17.386B 17.869B 17.745B 19.087B 21.336B 22.351B 21.491B 20.381B
WMT walmartu.s.::total assets 130.659B 125.044B 113.490B 110.353B 105.114B 104.347B 104.262B 103.109B 101.381B 98.745B 96.234B 0

About - Walmart [ WMT ]

Walmart, one of the world's largest retail corporations, has an expansive business presence that spans multiple segments and operates across numerous geographic regions. With its diverse range of products and services, the company has built a solid reputation for providing convenience and value to its customers. This article aims to explore Walmart's business segments and delve into its geographical revenue distribution, shedding light on the company's global footprint. along with long term historical data.

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