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Selected tickers used: ['AAPL', 'AXP', 'MCO']

ticker status StockPrice dateStockPrice MedianPrice confidencePercent confidenceRating PriceRange KPIs Financials
AAPL OVERVALUED 165.0 2024-04-19 54.62 66.67 MEDIUM [51.77, 182.06] kpis: AAPL financials: AAPL
AXP OVERVALUED 231.04 2024-04-19 134.55 91.67 HIGH [122.42, 249.03] kpis: AXP financials: AXP
MCO OVERVALUED 374.67 2024-04-19 178.3 86.67 MEDIUM [154.38, 283.4] kpis: MCO financials: MCO