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Tip 1: Presently we support close to 1400+ companies mostly from SPY index. No ETFs, Mutual Funds are tracked. If you want your stock to be tracked, use Help Link to suggest one or check out section "Need Help" below , we will work on it.
Tip 2: International tickers/stocks and OTCMKTS stocks are not available as they are not registered with SEC, we need SEC filings in edgar to get their 10k/annual reports
Tip 3: We do not support Full Company name, do Try with the ticker/stock code associated with the company.
Tip 4: We still do not have financial data like Income, Cash Flows, Balance Sheet for many companies, we are adding them slowly, do suggest us which ones to prioritize
Tip 5: Some tickers/stocks do not have Rundown, Summary, Compare and Reverse DCF reports as we are slowly building it, share tickers with us using Help link and we will prioritize
Tip 6: Stocks with market cap<5 billion may not be available unless requested specifically using the "request a stock ticker to be added"
Tip 7: We do monitor our errors and typically if the stock meets our criteria they get added in the next 2-3 days.
Suggestion: Try finding the stock ticker/symbol/code using Google Search for your favorite company and then try Search
1) for Apple use AAPL - Editorial Report: AAPL, Detail Report: AAPL
2) for Amazon use AMZN - Editorial Report: AMZN, Detail Report: AMZN
3) for Tesla use TSLA - Editorial Report: TSLA, Detail Report: TSLA

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